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Aquila non captat muscas. Sentence 2596788. Dilige denarium, sed parce dilige formam, quam nemo sanctus nec honestus captat habere. Sentence 5105427. Translate all examples using Google Translate Dictionary entries. Entries where "captat" occurs:

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Trivial matters are no concern of a high official; cf. aquila non capit muscas (the eagle does not catch flies). Sometimes rex (king) or lex (law) is used in place of praetor. De minimis is a legal phrase referring to things unworthy of the law's attention. Word-for-word analysis:

Aquila non capit muscas MI AZOTEA

"Aquila non captat muscas." That's the Latin motto for the once medieval, very English Wadsworth clan that counts me as a modern family member. The motto anchors my ancestors' coat of arms; a blood red battle shield, marked with gold symbols representing the family's proud heritage.

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Latin: Aquila non captat muscas! Meaning: The Eagle doesn't catch flies. EAGLES DON'T CHASE FLIES!!! In other words,stay focused;don't waste time on the "flies".Don't allow yourself to be misled by foolish accusations or by silly distractions "such as lack, possessions,friends,delay,hatred gossip and difficult circumstances. that will keep you from the true purpose of life.

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aquila non capit muscas. the eagle does not catch flies. Last Update: 2014-02-01 Usage Frequency: 1 Quality: Add a translation Get a better translation with 7,599,306,835 human contributions Users are now asking for help:

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English - UK. Mar 6, 2012. #3. salue! "aquila non capit muscas" but I don't get why it isn't "Aquila muscas non capit" Thanks. Maltes is quite right, one would normally expect aquila muscas non capit. But in proverbial or epigrammatic diction, conventional word-order may indeed be abandoned in favour of a special emphasis, which is often.

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Glosbe Latin English Translation of "aquila non capit muscas" into English an eagle doesn't catch flies is the translation of "aquila non capit muscas" into English. Sample translated sentence: Aquila muscas non capit. ↔ The eagle does not catch flies. aquila non capit muscas + Add translation Latin-English dictionary an eagle doesn't catch flies

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Noun musca ( genitive muscae) (fem.) a fly (insect) Puer, abige muscas. Repel those flies, boy. ( transferred meaning) an inquisitive or prying people Examples Automatically generated practical examples in Latin: Aquila muscas non capit. Sentence 1189865 Aquila non capit muscas. Sentence 1549561 Aquila non captat muscas.

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Enunciado: Elephantum non capit mures (Erasmo I, ix, 70) Traducción literal: El elefante no coge ratones. Enunciado: Aquila non captat muscas (Arthaber n.º 98; Cantera2005a n.º 212; Duarte n.º 199; Garate2004 n.º 222; HerreroLlorente n.º 712; SánchezDoncel n.º 773) Traducción literal: El águila no coge moscas

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Captat non muscas aquila; at quaeque advolat ultro Faucibu augustis, musca proterva perit..(The couplet, translated means: 'The eagle does not hawk for flies, but if an impudent fly comes buzzing…into its august throat, that's the end of the creature').

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Greatest Latin Quotes "Veni, vidi, vici." - "I came, I saw, I conquered." - Julius Caesar "Carpe diem." - "Seize the day." - Horace "E Pluribus Unum." - "Out of many, one." - Motto of the United States "Alea iacta est." - "The die is cast." - Julius Caesar "In vino veritas." - "In wine, there is truth."

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aquila non capit muscas. Submitted by aides on 2018-07-08. Idiom: aquila non capit muscas. Explained meaning: Croatian, English, Spanish; Idiom submitted by: aides; Meanings of "aquila non capit muscas" Croatian. Orao ne hvata muhe (tj. veliki čovjek se ne bavi malim stvarima). Explained by Maryanchy on Wed, 05/12/2018 - 09:49.

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An old Roman saying goes: Aquila non captat muscas meaning, "The eagle does not hawk for flies." It seems that the pope forgot what Abraham Lincoln said about criticism: "If I were to try to read, much less answer, all the attacks made on me, this shop might as well be closed for any other business.

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„Aquila nōn capit muscas." In case your word wasn't found in the database, you can simply use the 'Add it' button to create a new word in the database (No login required!). After you added it, the sentence analysis tool will recognize it.

Motto Aquila non captat muscas Motto Translation The eagle is no flycatcher. Names with

aquila non capit muscas means the eagle does not catch flies. In ancient Rome, eagles were considered majestic animals. Conversely, flies were considered insignificant and a nuisance. Therefore this proverb was used to imply that people of high rank (the eagle) won't have the time or patience to deal with trifling matters (flies).