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There is no karma or NCR reputation loss for killing him. A dogtag may be found on a dead NCR soldier in the hills northwest of the California Sunset Drive-in, near to the Canyon wreckage. 4 dogtags can be found on the dead NCR soldiers in the Nipton Hotel, located to the west of the Nipton town hall. These 4 corpses will de-spawn if the player.

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NCR Correctional Facility Exterior view image Overview General Gameplay Technical Leaders Warden Nathan Eddie Sergeant Lee (optional) Factions New California Republic (formerly) Powder Gangers Terminals Warden's terminal Doctors Hannigan Merchants

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The NCR The Republic The Bear Sunset People (by Follows-Chalk) Two-Head Bear People (by Tabitha) Origin Fallout (mentioned) Foundation 2186, Shady Sands Headquarters Shady Sands Commanders NCR Presidents: Aradesh (1st President) Tandi (2nd; 2196 - 2248) Joana Tibbett (3rd; 2248-2253) Wendell Peterson (4th; 2253 - 2273) Aaron Kimball

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The NCR-Enclave War was a military conflict between the temporarily aligned New California Republic and the Brotherhood of Steel against the Enclave in New California. The conflict began some time after Control Station Enclave's destruction and ended sometime after with the decisive sacking of Navarro. Precisely when this occurred is unknown. Several years after the destruction of the Oil Rig.

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Originally made and developed by: OnyxSix thanks to naugrim04 for DUST this patches "NCR Weapon Expansion - The Right to Bear Arms REMASTERED" made by Heinz/Onlysix, adds in 5 new weapons into the Mojave for the NCR and many others to use. the mod was patched to match stat balances and lore with Dust, as well as integration that fits with Dust.

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New California Mojave Wasteland Date Beginning between the late 2250s and early 2260s, still ongoing as of 2281 Result Brotherhood forced into retreat and hiding NCR economy severely weakened by loss of gold reserves Involved parties New California Republic Brotherhood of Steel Mojave theater: Mojave Chapter Leaders

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The New California Republic ( NCR or the Republic) is a federal constitutional republic occupying the territory of the former U.S. state of California, that serves as a major faction in Fallout: New California. Contents 1 Background 2 Known members 2.1 Civilian 2.2 Military 3 Notes 4 Appearances 5 References Background

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The New California Republic Correctional Facility (commonly abbreviated to NCR Correctional Facility or NCRCF) was an NCR prison located south-east of Goodsprings that currently acts as the main settlement for the Powder Gangers and a staging point for raiding the local area. Contents 1 Background 2 Layout 3 Inhabitants 4 Notable loot 5 Notes

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The New California Republic (NCR) of the Fallout series is significant, with 140 years of history and being the biggest nation to rise since the Great War. The NCR is all about old-world.

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NCR Downtown Westin Ranch Hall of Congress Buildings NCR Brotherhood outpost Maps World map "A Trader's Life" Play sound A Trader's Life.ogg

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The New California Republic Army (NCRA) is the standing army of the New California Republic and is by far the largest and one of the most effective military forces in the post-nuclear United States. [1] Contents 1 Overview 1.1 Wars 2 Organization 2.1 Laws 3 Foreign relations 4 Technology 4.1 Personal armaments 4.2 Air force 4.3 Mechanized division

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New California Republic Flag (based on the FNV version) and seal of the NCR view image view image Overview Technical Type Federal republic Governance Legislative: New California Republic Congress Executive: President of the New California Republic and council, Department of State Judiciary: Republic courts Founders

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The New California Republic (NCR) is a federal parliamentary republic founded in New California, comprised of five contiguous states and various territories and holdings. In addition to New California, the Republic occupies parts of Nevada, Oregon, and Mexico. The Republic purportedly dedicates.

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Information Leaders Presidents: Tandi (2196) Joanna Tibbett (2248) Wendell Peterson (2253) Aaron Kimball (2273) Chief Ranger: Chief Elise (2241) Chief Hanlon (2281) Members Mojave commanders: General Lee Oliver ( Overall Mojave Garrison) Colonel James Hsu ( Camp McCarran) Major Dhatri ( Camp McCarran) Colonel Cassandra Moore ( Hoover Dam)

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NCR quests Other Dialogue vDialogueNCRMilitary.txt (generic) GenericNCRTrooper.txt ( Camp McCarran) VMS08MonorailGuard.txt, VStreetNCRMonorailGuard01.txt ( monorail guards) PrimmNCRTrooper.txt ( Primm)

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New California Republic Region Baja Mojave Wasteland Camp Golf (regional headquarters) NCR Ranger safehouse Ranger stations Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Echo